My Story

From broken hearted to heart centered

My Story

From broken hearted to heart centered


Following My Heart

My story is best characterized by leaps of faith (make that many leaps of faiths), serendipity, mysticism, mentorship, dead ends, pitfalls, mistakes, clarity and comebacks. I think this is simply what we call life.

Along the non-linear path of ups and downs, the through line for me has always been an open heart (no matter the circumstance), and keeping an ear to what it is telling me, however logical or illogical it appeared at the time.


Ask anyone who knows me and they may tell you about the time I moved from a small northern California town to LA at the age of 19. I was a single mother of a 3 year old without knowing a soul in the city. That said, some of my most meaningful friendships and life experiences came from the decade that I lived there. The move gave me the personal, spiritual, creative and intellectual expansion that I was craving at the time. My heart knew what I truly needed and the pull to "leap" was greater than my fear to of doing it.

The other side of the coin, of course, was that it was not without its seismic challenges. But looking back, those challenges gave me grit, resilience and insight beyond what I could have ever imagined.



What Transformed My Life

I have always been a spiritual seeker, a dedicated “student of life”. I was also fascinated by human psychology and the school of self-improvement and efficiency. Strategy is kinda my thing (I also love making lists).

Despite my open relationship with my heart, and the universe, I began to notice patterns in my life that seemed more like repeat dead ends.

For years I experienced being “stuck” in these patterns. They showed up in my romantic relationships, in my career and in my finances. No matter how hard I pushed, or how hard I tried, I experienced the same outcomes again and again and again.

I finally had enough of falling into the same sinkholes.

I knew I needed to make a dramatic shift, heal the root trauma, and build new pathways of thinking and being in order to show up and experience the life I truly desired. 

While I am grateful to every teacher and mentor who has crossed my path over the course of my life, the deep transformative work really began at age 31.

Guided by an intuitive coach and mentor, I began a 4-year intensive journey of deep inquiry; what we call the “inner work”. I did a lot of healing, crossed threshold after threshold and in the process, a deep awakening occurred.

The transformative process fundamentally shifted my awareness and experiences to that of consciousness, and gave me powerful inner navigational tools to reach clarity and direction time and time again.

The experience also introduced me to the practice of coaching and the power of inquiry, which seemed so in alignment with my sense of purpose and service in this world, which is why I offer it today.

Final Thoughts

I know a bit about soul-searching and about being soul-guided. It feels like I've spent about 90% of my life on one side of the fence or the other. I always knew there was something more, something I was called to do, a life and lifestyle I desired to align with the most. It felt like a perilous path at times, but every risk I took, every "off the beaten path" I walked, opened my heart a little wider. I am here to help you find your voice, connect with your heart, and help you get clear about your desires. I have been there and continue to walk this path today.

Take my hand; there is nothing more sacred to me then to walk along side you, and support your on your journey, back to you

Education and Training

  • B.A. Art Studio w/special coursework in Interior Design, Sacramento State University

  • 4 years of mentorship and coaching with Kaeleya Rayne (2010-14)
  • Coaching and facilitation training with Joanna Lindenbaum (2016)
  • Shoden, Reiki I with Anna Dorian (2018)