My Philosophy

As within, so without


My Philosophy is Simple...

I believe we are in a deeply intimate relationship with our space, whether we are conscious of it or not.

I also believe that our personal environment reflects what is happening in our inner world. Simply, the ‘outer’ reflects the ‘inner’. Always.

I believe that the reverse it also true. That the state of our physical space affects (and reinforces) our energy, mood and quality of life and can have a serious impact on our physical health as well as our mental and emotional well-being.

When we are unconscious of this relationship, our space can reinforce negative patterns, hold items that may trigger painful memories or reflect a lifestyle that we have outgrown and no longer serves us.

A deeper awareness transforms our space into a tool for growth and transformation and deepens a relationship, first and foremost, with ourselves.

This deepening opens up for examination, our inner thoughts, beliefs and the corresponding patterns in life that we experience as a result. When we develop our muscle for inner awareness, we illuminate what needs to be healed, what needs to be let go and who we are in our most authentic expression.

A home that is informed by inner awareness and activated by intention, becomes a powerful tool to support the person we are consciously becoming.

So, in short, Heart Centered Home is about aligning heart-centered living with the sacred space we call home. It is an approach to life and our homes that is guided first and foremost by love. Love for ourselves, one another, our abode, our planet.

When we align mind, heart and home we attune with our innate inner wisdom and create magical spaces activated by intention, filled with love and joy.

Photo by  In Her Image

Photo by In Her Image

A Brief Story.

In July of 2008..

I walked into an art house on the corner of 23rd and Folsom in the Mission district of San Francisco. It was an small 60 square foot storefront space facing Folsom street. It was not yet dusk when wandered in the side door, ticket in hand. A patron for a poetry reading.  

Upon walking in, I was instantly transported into the pulsating life of this little space. Everything amazed me. The paintings on the walls, the intimacy in which the small audience chairs were carefully arranged, the mid-sized Persian rug which was the stage, the pillowed corner nooks where people sat sipping their wine. My eyes ran across the room, darting between flickering candle lights, hanging canvases and fresh flowers, not quite sure were to land. I smelled bean and cheese quesadillas cooking on the grill while I sank into a seat in one of the back rows. Sipping a cup of hot tea in a borrowed mug, I relished sinking into my anonymity and resumed awkward awe.

That night changed the course of my life (again). Feeling a bit lost and disconnected from studying corporate interiors and mastering AutoCad, I decided to take a year off from studying design at school and immersed myself into running this little space under the mentorship of its founder and director. And in doing so, I learned more about tending to the intangible aspect of space and paying attention to the idiosyncratic details of environment then I did in design school.

As I was tending to the storefront space, I came to understand that it supported an entire ecosystem and curated an experiential lifestyle. More so, it belonged to - and nurtured- everyone who wandered in, just as I did that night. Most importantly, I learned that these principles of stewardship really apply to working with any space, however small or large, with magical outcomes, especially in my own home. The truth is, we all can.