Insight No.1

Anytime we awaken and align, the Universe rises up to meet us in serendipitous ways. This is what Joseph Campbell calls “unseen hands” of support. You just have to tune in with childlike wonder, connect the dots and enjoy the coincidences. We are deeply supported on our journey. Always.


We are infinitely vast creatures. So, in other words, we never just "arrive", but rather continuously evolve. This inner excavation and outward expansion of self is an evergreen journey of the Spirit, and a  lifestyle of applying and building upon the tools we gather along the way. It is a path of remembering who we truly are.


We are not meant to do this alone. I met my first mentor at the age of 21, when our paths crossed --literally-- three times in a row (as in, in the same night) after a fireworks show. It blossomed into a near decade long friendship that opened my eyes to the magical aspects of the Universe and the power of Spirit. 9 years later, I began working with another mentor and coach for 4 years who guided me through a deep dive into the vastness within myself. These relationships proved to be transformative events in my life.