Heart Centered Awakening

A 4-Month Private Mentorship

Heart Centered Awakening

A 4-Month Private Mentorship

Our Ability to Rise Up, Go Deeper, Expand Wider, Live Larger,

Starts by Connecting With Our

Inner Voice. 

Dear Sister, 

Is there a stirring call in you?

  • If you are a woman whose heart is calling you forward...
  • If you are desiring to align with a new direction in your life...
  • If you are dreaming about taking a leap, even if you have no idea what the next step is;

Then, I am here to meet you at your personal crossroads to journey with you across that bridge.

What Will I Learn?

MONTH ONE - Heart Centered Wisdom

  • How to slow down, open the heart and hear your inner voice through your heart center. 
  • Become clear about where you are 'right now', and why and where you may be blocked. 

MONTH TWO - Intuitive Body Intelligence

  • Learning to identify and begin working with the body's intelligence in the intuitive decision making processes. (You'd be amazed to find that the body has a lot to say!)

MONTH THREE - Mindset, Habits & Neuroscience  

  • Shedding light and shifting thought patterns and inner beliefs systems.
  • How to build supportive habits, daily rituals and sacred space to support your inner work. 
  • Co-create a clear action plan for moving forward (with built in support and accountability).

MONTH FOUR - Integration of Heart, Body & Mind 

  • Dive deeper into the integration of heart, body and mind as inner life navigation tools and for decision making processes. 
  • Sink into a deeply loving, compassionate and conscious relationship with yourself and your life. 

Tools for the Journey.

This mentorship program is 100% customized to meet you where you are in your journey.

We will be developing and integrating additional tools and insights as they relate to your unfolding process.

Some of these tools and processes may include:

  • Integrating Mindfulness techniques.
  • Building our inner awareness.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence.
  • Connecting deeper with our intuition.
  • Peeling back the layers and understanding the un-conscious stories we carry.
  • Replacing limiting patterns with new supportive structures.


mY approach

I understand how easy it is to get in our own way. We all have hidden drivers. Through one-on-one private sessions, I blend reflection, observation and intuition while I hold space for you and your process. Further, I align the unfolding process with mindfulness practices and the feminine principles of flow and  receptivity. It is fundamental shift from PUSHING to creating, allowing and receiving.

Summed up, my approach is nurturing, honest, and fun. While this work is meant to be deep, it can be quite Joyful.

MY guiding ethos

  • Stay curious
  • Inquire often
  • Listen fully
  • Follow intuitively
  • Deliver with integrity
  • Hold space for the unfolding process
  • Honor the mystery
  • Keep it real and honest
  • Acknowledge the wins, because they truly matter


Meet Noemi

"You are your path, and you are unfolding in perfect timing."



My Mission

My mission is to support women as they embrace the lives they came here to live, and to successfully navigate the terrain that comes thereafter in a truly transformative way. Blending mind-body-spirit, my true desire is to see the women of the world awaken holistically and become the leaders our world has been waiting for.

My work overall is devoted to tuning in to the heart centered wisdom within and mindfully aligning our hearts and homes with the sustainability of our planet.

my story

My story is best characterized by leaps of faith (make that many leaps of faiths), serendipity, mysticism, mentorship, dead ends, pitfalls, mistakes, clarity and comebacks. I think this is simply what we call life.

Along the non-linear path of life, the through line for me has always been navigating with an open heart and keeping an ear to what it is telling me, however logical or illogical it may have seemed at the time.



My Offering

"Following spirit through the heart, brings you closer to the life you are seeking, which is seeking you".

Why Mentorship?

Mentorship provides a unique opportunity to move the coaching relationship one step further. While we utilize the inquisitive nature of coaching, the relationship is not confined to individual hourly sessions. Instead the mentorship relationship ebbs and flows naturally through the duration of the program. Each session is supported with video check-ins, email and text message support to ensure a fluid and dynamic growth container. Mentorship also provides an opportunity to blend coaching and consulting (only where my personal expertise is applicable) for a deeper, transformative experience.    


In this program you will receive:

  • Two 60-min private mentorship sessions each month (video or phone call)
  • Two 30-minute check-in's each month (video or phone call)
  • 24/7 Email support
  • M-F Text message support
  • Curated tools and resources to support your development



Investment Options

4 Months of Private Mentorship

Space is limited to 3 women at a time. 

*Additional flexible payment plans are available.  

If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.
— Maya Angelou



"Following your heart is a sacred journey into the Self. It is also an illuminating journey into Spirit."

Transformation is a wild ride

Fear is a complicated companion. Especially when faced with the UNKNOWN. Fear causes immobility, indecision, paralysis, confusion, lack of direction, doubt and frustration. But fear is not alone.

Our subconscious belief system operates as an undercurrent in our life.

As we connect to our inner voice, we awaken to our inner workings. This awakening offers us the opportunity to re-examine our thoughts, habits and belief systems. It means pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones to grow, and throwing a little sunshine on the dark places.

It also means breaking old habits, creating new ones and trusting, with an explorer's mind, what is waiting for us in the great UNKNOWN. It requires faith. It is not for the faint of heart or the closed minded. It is for the determined soul that hears the heart calling and MUST cross the bridge to the other side.

And do you know what? It’s a beautiful process. Once you embrace the process entirely. Once you embrace yourself, in your entirety, doors begin to open.


How do I know all of this? 

At every cross roads I have faced in my life I have always always, always followed my heart. As an intuitive, it is imperative that I follow my inner knowing and embody my personal MUSTS with integrity and faith.

Over the years I’ve collected several tools, insights and lessons that I am excited to share with you along your journey.



Kind words from past clients

- Ashley Capps

"I loved everything from the centering and feeling like you were there for me emotionally during tough times. I also loved our more tactical get stuff done sessions. I also appreciated the check-ins and resources you provided in the meantime. [It] made me more focused, and forced me to work on myself which I tend not to do. Living in a fast city we’re easily stimulated by so many distractions I loved the dedicated time to myself. I would and have recommended friends to work with you!" - Ashley Capps, San Francisco, California

-Monica Guiterrez

"It was essential to my work and launch. And I continue using the tools I learned! I also enjoyed and valued the information I received after our sessions through follow-up recommendations such as books, how to use my time wisely, getting clear on my website, etc. All very valuable information. I don't know how it would have worked out for my first blog if I didn't have your help." -Monica G., Sacramento, California


A's for your q's

  • What Happens After I Apply?

After submitting an application, a 30 minute phone call or video conference will be scheduled with Noemi to ensure the program and partnership is the perfect fit! 

  • Are Mentorship Sessions Available in Person?

All sessions are provided virtually unless requested. In person sessions are available only in Woodland, Davis and San Francisco, California.



Please reach out

If you have any questions about the Heart Centered Awakening mentorship program, I would be happy to answer any questions as well as share more information about the process. 


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