Service Agreement

Terms of Service


  • The relationship between Coach and Client is Co-Creative, meaning both are equals in the coaching process. We will address your desired goals and direction, address any blocks, and create an action plan to move forward.

Responsabilities of Coach

  • Coach is trained to utilize heightened communication skills; meaningful questions and deliberate listening skills to support the client as a thinking partner.
  • Coach is intuitive and will guide the coaching sessions as the needs are communicated from client. Communication from Client may be written, verbal or non-verbal.
  • Coach is not a therapist or counselor. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy, if needed.

Responsabilites of Client

  • Client provides the Session Agenda(s) and is fully present during coaching sessions.
  • Client takes ownership of his/her own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results.
  • Client will communicate with integrity, be open to honest encouragement and create the time and energy to participate fully in the program.
  • Client accepts the fact that coaching is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, mental, medical or other qualified professionals and will seek independent professional guidance for such matters
  • Client understands that coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.
  • Client understands that coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment.
  • If Client is currently in therapy or under the care of a mental health professional, client will consult with the mental health care provider regarding the advisability and/or decision of working with a coach.


  • This coaching relationship, as well as all information that the Client shares with the Coach is considered a confidential. The Coach will not disclose the Client's name as a reference without the Client's consent.
  • Confidential information does not include information that:
    1. was in the Coach's possession prior to its being furnished by the Client;
    2. is generally known to the public or in the Client's industry;
    3. that the Coach is required by law to disclose


  • his coaching agreement is valid beginning the first meeting until completion of the program. The parties agree to engage in a month to month Mentorship Program. The fee is paid in advance of sessions.
  • A one time payment or monthly recurring payments per month based upon committed schedule is available.
  • Recurring Payments will be deducted on the ____ o ac ont for the duration of the program or beyond until completion due to reduced monthly payments.
  • The Coach will be available to Client by e-mail and voicemail in between scheduled meetings as defined by the Coach. Coach may also be available for additional time, per prior agreement with the client.

Policies & Procedures

  • The time of the coaching sessions and/or location will be determined by Coach and Client based on a mutually agreed upon time and place, including phone calls. Prior to each session, Client will determine the Session Agenda.
  • Attend all sessions promptly and with an intention to be centered, ready to engage and take meaningful actions.
  • Feedback is necessary for both Coach and Client. It is critical to be open with thoughts, feelings and preferences before during and after coaching sessions.

Cancellation Policy

  • It is the Client's responsibility to notify Coach 24 hours in advance of the scheduled calls/meetings to reschedule or cancel.
  • Coach reserves the right to bill Client for a missed meeting. Coach will attempt in good faith to reschedule the missed meeting.
  • Termination: ither the Client or the Coach may terminate this agreement at any time with written notice.

Refund Policy

  • After the Coaching program has begun, any completed sessions will not be refunded.
  • While sessions are non-refundable, future payments will be canceled upon termination of agreement at any time during the program. 
  • All unused sessions expire 12 months after initial payment. Unused Coaching sessions may be transferable provided the Client is ready and willing to actively participate in the Coaching program.


  • This is the entire agreement of the parties, and reflects a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter.
  • This agreement supersedes all prior written and oral representations.
  • A digital service agreement will be emailed to you via hello sign for a digital signature.
  • Download this agreement below for your records. Thank you!

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