Rebalancing Personal Power for the Soul


Re-balancing Personal Power for the Soul

What is Power?

POWER IS ENERGY. The energy of power can be expressed in a balanced or unbalanced way.

Unbalanced, we experience the polarized ends of power: wielding power over others or experiencing powerlessness. However, balanced personal power offers a key to self mastery.

NOT standing in our power is experienced in some of the following ways:

  • You are seeking outside of yourself for acceptance, support, love, permission, approval -- whatever it is -- you are seeking it externally.

  • When you blame others for what is not going right in you life, thereby forfeiting responsibility and abdicating the power to change it.

  • You sacrifice yourself and activate the Martyr and Victim archetypes in an unbalanced way.

  • You compare yourself and sink into jealousy and envy.

  • You begin to notice unhealthy repeat patterns in your relationship with others.

  • You use overt aggression or manipulation to get what you want.

Standing IN your power in a balanced way means:

  • You take responsibility for your actions and circumstances you can control.

  • You release expectations of others, and how you need them to show up in your life.

  • You maintain healthy boundaries.

  • You are aligned with your authenticity in your expressions and actions.

  • You feel confident and are able to hear and provide for yourself what you mentally and emotionally need.

Feeling out of balance?

If some of your experiences or relationship dynamics are on repeat in an unbalanced way, then it’s time to take a good hard look inside. Drama aside. #innerworktime

Take out your journal!


1. Identify what you are seeking outside yourself.

For example,

  • Are you seeking acceptance? From whom?

  • Are seeking validation? From whom and for what?

  • Are seeking love? From whom? And Why?


2. Release others from your expectations.

Unbalanced power dynamics breed cycles and relationship patterns that can last for a lifetime (or more).

Expectations tether us to certain outcomes and render us dependent on the actions of others. If we expect a person will not show up in they way we wan them to, they will mostly like prove us right. This is a dynamic and responsive universe! You will find what you seek. 

Do you hear yourself already yelling “--See! I knew they wouldn’t come through!” Only to set yourself up, and them, to do it all over again. Enter (scary music -- duh-duh-dom) the pattern.

So let it go, and take them and you off the hook.

Now shift your thinking. If someone is not meeting your expectations and you release the expectation. Consider how they are showing up in other ways you may have not noticed or appreciated before.


3. List how you can provide what you seek for yourself.

Source (God, the Universe, Divine Mother, whatever you prefer) is infinite. Connect to that infinite source within. Then ask yourself (speaking to yourself at any point in your life - as a child, a teenager, now):  “what can I give you that you need right now?” Shower yourself with what you need most. Rinse and repeat.


4. Celebrate yourself.

Lightness breeds lightness. Go Play!  Find ways to enjoy giving yourself what you need.



A body in motion stays in motion. In other words, when we are accustomed to a mode of operating in life, we continue down that track until we consciously skip tracks.

To skip tracks, we must re-wire our way of thinking and introduce a new way of being into our bodies. And introducing a new way usually takes awareness and practice, because with change (good or bad), comes resistance. Humans like to keep within what is familiar.

Here’s the bonus work:

If you are trying to make a change and you are experiencing resistance, try to identify where you are attached to certain experiences and outcomes.


For your journals:

  1. How do you keep your personal power in check?

  2. What was the most significant change in your personal power mojo you have made to date?

Thank you for taking this journey with me!

From my heart center to yours, Noemi