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Heart Centered Home is a wellness focused lifestyle blog aligning heart, home and planet.

If I were to deduce Heart-Centered Home into a single word it would be this: Stewardship. The act of tending to.

Heart centered living is an approach to life that is guided first and foremost by love. Love for ourselves, one another, our abode, our planet. When we connect into our hearts, it opens the doorway for deeper awareness, a deeper relationship with ourselves and others, and it becomes a mechanism for growth and evolution.

When we align our mind and heart with our home, we can create a magical space that is activated by intention and filled with love and joy. Taking it one step further, we have the power to create a home environment that is fluid, healthy, free of toxins and in alignment with mother nature. 

At the end of the day, it’s about creating a healthy home and life, that feels good and authentically reflects who we are, and how we wish to grow. Pure and simple. 

Read my philosophy about working with ‘space’ here.

Photo by  In Her Image

Photo by In Her Image


Hello, I am so happy you are here.

I am a creative soul with a passion for personal growth, elevating women and life experiences. This blog is my creative outlet as I explore all things Heart Centered Home means to me.

I am excited to share my learnings, curiosities and experiences with you all. I also hope that you enjoy my stories and are inspired to share your own ‘well of wisdom’ in the comments - as I love heart felt conversations.

So, there you have it. Welcome home. Pour yourself a cup a tea, coffee, kombucha (or champagne), get comfortable, and enjoy whatever inspiration bubbles up for you as you dive in.

from my heart center to yours, Noemi

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